TOP 5 Spying App in comparison review 2018

The 5 Best Spy Apps tested!

The use of spy apps can be beneficial for many reasons. Whether in your job, relationship or for protecting your own kids – the possibilities for using them are diverse. And the range to choose from is equally big.


My experience report. What is best suited for whom?


But what is actually possible with todays spy apps?

In this comprehensive test, I worked on answering all these questions. So I could eventually sum up the results in a report of my experience.


mSpy spyera Mobistealth


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Live-intercepting function

Call log

Intercepting through audio files

Reading SMS and emails

Reading Facebook and WhatsApp

Browser history 


Access to photos and videos

Access to contact list

More features Spy camera, alarm, access to installed apps Access to installed apps Access to installed apps

Money-back guarantee




The 5 best Spying apps in detail

For my experience report I took a look at the following leading software solutions and closely examined them:( jump to the details in the report)

I didn’t only concentrate on the available functions in order to determine a ranking. The installation, the user-friendliness in general and other factors, like for example the costs or the customer support also directly influenced the following results. However, it becomes clear very early on that mSpy definitely takes the first place. mSpy doesn’t only offer a diverse set of features, but also a    great cost effectiveness! It’s especially awesome that the app is available for both smartphones and computers and is very easy to install. If you still have difficulties with it, there is a friendly customer service to support you.

Despite the big range of spy apps, it was fairly easy to find out about the most popular alternatives. But even though each of the following 5 software solutions can be recommended in general, every spy app does have specific strengths and weaknesses.


1st  place: mSpy for spying on smartphones and computers

The spy app mSpy has – as already mentioned – clearly taken first place. There are several reasons for that:

Surveillance with mSpy!

The surveillance of the targeted user is guaranteed.

  1. mSpy is available for practically every common platform or operating system. Whether it’s Windows,
  2. The range of functions is huge! On smartphones you can not only monitor SMS or WhatsApp messages, but also all the other social networks, e-mails, calls, photos and videos. And that’s not all – even the GPS-localization of the phone is possible without any problems.
  3. The same goes for the use on computers. mSpy monitors keystrokes, takes screenshots, makes records of the user activity and can, amongst other things, even analyze the surfing habits. Not even the surveillance of Skype poses a problem with this spy app.
  4. The customer service is happy to assist you all around the clock, every day of the week – regardless of the nature of your question and just as much with problems concerning the installation.
  5. Licenses are available in different kinds of packages – for example as a monthly subscription.This way you have the costs under your control at all times.

The user-friendliness is just as fantastic. A browser, for example Firefox or Google chrome, is all you need to be able to have access to the data. You simply have to log into the web interface with the browser and you’ll have complete access to all desired functions and all protocols in no time. A special highlight: the deinstallation alarm. If the program happens to be removed from the target device, you receive a notification about it soon after.


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The costs for a license that includes all functions start at $14,17 per month in a package for 12 months. Shorter time spans are accordingly more expensive, though the price may be kept lower by going with a few less features. mSpy is especially well suited for concerned parents who can check their child’s location and activities on facebook and more with it any time. In the same way this comes in handy for employers whose employees tend to use their official phones and computers rather for private matters than for their actual work.


2nd place: FlexiSPY – the spy app for mobile devices

Top Funktionen - Spionage-App flexispy

Flexispy also offers a lot of useful features in a spy app!

The spy app FlexiSPY is very similar to mSpy. Especially the range of features is nearly identical. In some parts FlexiSPY actually has a few features more to offer. Particularly interesting are the remote picture-functions

– just activate them and the camera of the other device takes a photo instantly which can be viewed online a few seconds later. But also the microphone of the other device can be activated from afar – no conversation stays unheard. Just like mSpy, FlexiPSY counts on a webpanel: You just need to start the browser, open the portal and log in. Afterwards all features and data are directly at your disposal.

Nonetheless, FlexiSPY still only made it to the second place because:

  • FlexiSPY only works on mobile devices. Therefore you will definitely need further software and the proper spy device to monitor a computer.
  • At the same time FlexiSPY is expensive. It does offer a monthly subsctiption service too, however, that costs $68.00 with the premium package per month and doesn’t even include the whole range of features.
  • The customer service also requires payment – but all work that has to be done will be taken care of by the company.

So in general, with this spy app too, concerned parens make up the biggest part of the target group. Employers, on the other hand, will miss the option of monitoring the office computers.


3rd place: Mobile Spy – the cheap alternative to FlexiSpy!

Mobile Spy - top Smarthpone Überwachung

Also Mobile Spy can be controlled comfortable through the Online-Panel.

Mobile Spy takes the third place due to its, comparison, low pricing. For around $65.00 you get a license for three months including all features. If you can go without an online panel, live pictures from the other device and GPS-localization of the other smart phone, you only have to pay $ 50.00 for three months.

The range of features is quite identical to the latter. All important features are included and even the installation of certain apps can be prevented completely. But that’s not all. Mobile Spy offers even more interesting features, like:

Mobile Spy - top Funktionen, günstig, aber nicht unsichtbar

Unfortunately, the spy app is not invisible after installation.

  • Sending all logs to the email address that you chose beforehand. That way you don’t even need a browser, you can check the data on your own smartphone, as soon as they arrive in your inbox, anywhere and anytime.
  • -By making use of so called remote commands, it is possible to diminish the usability of the traget device – this will be especially practical for employers who – by doing that – can guard themselves against safety risks that occur through mobile devices in the company’s network.
  • Furthermore, you can comfortably manage numerous target devices at the same time with the online panel.

However, this doesn’t hide the fact that there is a big weakness: MobileSpy is not invisible. After the installation, it is represented by an according icon in the menu. Thus, the owner of the other smartphone certainly knows that his device is being controlled from the distance. This is no obstacle for employers, since they have to inform their employees about the usage of such programs anyways. For Parents, on the other hand, this is really a big disadvantage, as their children instantly know what’s going on. Finally, this spy app with integrated keylogger is only available for mobile devices.


4th place: iKeyMonitor for monitoring apple devices

iKeyMonitor is directed towards a certain user group: owners of apple devices. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPod, iPad or iMac – this Spy app was specifically developed for apple operating systems and offers different features for all the different devices. Special highlights are:

The invisible surveillance – the respective owner of the device doesn’t notice that a spy app is running in the background.

iPhone überwachen mit iKeyMonitor


  • An integrated keylogger that protocols everything that is typed in.
  • A limitation of the time that the screen can be actively used – this makes it easy for parents to determine how long their children are allowed to surf the internet or play games on their devices.
  • Synchronization – you only have to do the settings once, then you can use SYNC to transfer them to all other traget devices.
  • LAN/ WIFI access – simply changing any settings or loading logs from the devices through a mutually used network, no physical connection needed.
  • Automatic upload of logs to a FTP or instant sending per email – this way no acquired data can be lost.

Despite of these highlights, it only made it to forth place because:

  1. In spite of being restricted to only apple devices, the costs are comparable with the rest of the spy apps. The cheapest license is $ 14.99 per month (package for 12 months), although it doesn’t include all functions.
  2. The installation requires a jailbreak. Unfortunately this makes it less safe, especially when the software was obtained from „shady“ sources.

Finally one should mention that iKeyMonitor is also available for Android devices – but only with a smaller range of features. Due to the apple-specific features, this app is particularly suited for parents who want to accustom their children to a responsible way of using their mobile devices. In this case the time limit for using the screen is especially useful.


5th place: Highster mobile – the spy app for beginners


Highster Mobile is the cheapest app at first glance, but also the one with the least features. Highster Mobile only offers basic features to monitor a cellphone/ smartphone, which are

-A GPS surveillance system

-Email logging

-Call recording

-Reading SMS/text messages



Highster Mobile Spy App


  • Viewing of videos and photos that have been saved on the target device

You can already get the program for a onetime payment of $ 69,99 – even though there is no support and no guarantee that you can always download it from their website. If you do wish to receive a year of full customer service and a download guarantee, you’ll have to pay almost twice as much. Thats why it’s only made it to the 5fth place. The relatively complicated installation process also plays its part in that. It works the best by transferring the files with a USB cable. An online panel isn’t available either – all data is directly sent from the target device to an email address or phone number.

So in general, the Highster Mobile app is predominantly for versed beginners that need basic surveillance features and want to pay as little as possible. Regular home users, on the other hand, can be advised to pick one of the preceding alternatives, so as to prevent the stress of a complicated installation and benefit from the user friendliness of the other spy apps.