About me

Name: Sebastian Hartmann

Function :

Managing editor
Gender: Gender
lives in:

Los Angeles, USA

Age: 39
Experience: Online Journalism
Education: Finished studies
Field of expertise: Investigative Research
Website: spy-app.net

The editorial team

Whoever wants to be the managing editor needs to make decisions and have quick answers ready at their disposal – information, experience, technical know-how. A good lead question and analysis don’t only reaffirm what is already clear to the reader but shed light on new fields of knowledge. It brings light into the dark, so to speak, whenever the talk is about independent tests. How do you explain a complicated issue? The answers and reports should enlighten the readers and listeners with new information.

Basis of assessment

The staff members of spy-app.net all have years of experience and expert in the field of intelligence. They are made up of ambitious computer geeks and journalists that also like to work on this topic even in their free time. The professional competence of the team shines through the objective, fair, but also critical evaluation of the products and services.

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