The mobile Cryptophone in review! Gives whatsapp hacking no chance

WhatsApp hacking? No chance! – How to protect yourself from attacks over the mobile network!


Attacks by IMSI Catcher or SS7 Exploit have a great advantage for hackers: they can be difficult to notice. Either the victims would have to buy expensive hardware to be able to identify manipulated radio cells, or they need sufficient expertise to carry out safety checks with their smartphone’s onboard means. That doesn’t just sound complicated, it also is. However, there are simply tangible alternatives. These can not only prevent others from hacking their own account with WhatsApp. They can increase the safety of mobile phones in general!

Disadvantage: Ultimately, someone has to hack your own Whatsapp account, so that this method works at all. Only when a stranger sends messages via his or her own account does the problem become apparent. However, it is usually too late. Furthermore, communication as such is often unencrypted and it is possible to listen to telephone calls. A better solution is therefore a so-called Cryptophone.



No chance for IMSI catcher & Co.-The crypto-phone!

To put it simply, Crypto Phone is a mobile phone that has been prepared so that it can not be intercepted. All communication is transmitted in encrypted form. The mobile operator is also unable to gain access to the data, as the encryption takes place outside of its sphere of influence. So even if someone uses an IMSI catcher, the recorded data is encrypted again separately and the respective key used for it cannot be retrieved on the mobile network. Even telephone calls with a crypto phone cannot be intercepted in principle. However, the first problem is that attackers can obtain the data they need to establish a connection with a SS7 exploit. This way, you would still be able to redirect incoming calls. And with an IMSI catcher, the network connection of the smartphone could be completely blocked.


crypto-phones were formerly obsolete devices with special system software, today powerful smartphones with appropriate security features are available

For these cases, most current crypto phones have a Fake Cell ID Tower detection. This software alerts you directly when unusual connections are detected and offers a variety of possible interventions. Among other things, suspicious radio cells can be blocked. But also suspected SS7 attacks can recognize the respective apps. This way, an attacker can not even create his own account on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Read– The attack can be fully averted.


WhatsApp hacking-Conclusion

Almost anyone can hack an account with WhatsApp. The easiest way is to use the WhatsApp web QR code scan. It can also be easily prevented – you should not just give your own smartphone to anyone and no one should be allowed to use it without your supervision. On the other hand, attacks such as those by IMSI catcher or via SS7 can be difficult to prevent with the available onboard means. Even sophisticated spy apps, such as mSpy for the Smartphone, can only determine unauthorized access when it is actually too late.

An extremely secure alternative are the so-called crypto phones with Fake Cell ID Tower detection. With them you can quickly stop an attack, so that the attackers cannot even access your account and read messages!


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