Installation einer Spionage App - so funktioniert es!

Installation of a Spy App: Step-by-Step Manual!

Those who want to spy on a mobile phone today have a number of possibilities and methods at their disposal. The most popular ones are, of course, apps. Not only do they offer a variety of features that allow for a smartphone to be located or enables messages to be read from popular messengers. A typical mobile monitoring for the private sector is now available with a wide range of features. And there are numerous reasons why an installation of a spy app can be beneficial.



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Typical reasons for installing a spy app!


There are many different user groups that are interested in installing a spy app.

  1. On the one hand, for example, there are women and men who want to control their partners via mobile phones. Whether due to a reasoned suspicion or a lack of confidence, it does not matter.
  2. On the other hand, espionage apps offer interesting features for parents who care about their children. Or for employers who want to control their employees.

However, despite the many useful features, you should not forget that installing a spy app is an intrusion into the privacy of the individual. Anyone who begins without considering directly using the instructions with the setup, neglects possible criminal or civil consequences. What is actually not a problem for parents can quickly lead to awkward situations in a partnership or employment relationship. And that is what one should at least be aware of.

In addition, there are other points to consider before installing a spy app!

Important: Basically, the owner whose phone is to be monitored must be asked for permission for installation. However, exceptions may arise when it comes to your own child or to an employee who has a reasonable suspicion.


You should know this before installing a spy app!


Common spy apps are mass-efficient. Once the setup is done, you can control the browsing history, view photos and videos or listen to the owner of the mobile phone immediately after a few clicks. The latter is possible in real time and without any problems. However, the installation of a spy app is sometimes much more difficult.

With some practice, the Spy app is ready for use within minutes. If you try the following instructions for the first time, you should take at least half an hour to complete all the steps in peace. With that being said, you should also know the following points in advance:

  • For one, not only the first self-completed installation of a spy app can be time consuming. Either way, you need unrestricted access to your mobile phone during this time. Especially for those who want to monitor a mobile phone unnoticed, this could become a problem. After all, even parents have trouble snatching their children’s smartphone without having them ask unpleasant questions.
  • On the other hand, you must have so-called root rights on Android devices. For Apple products is not even a jailbreak required!

In addition, you need a corresponding license for the desired spy-app in advance. In the following instructions for Android devices, but also in the guide for Apple products, mSpy is used as an example to explain the installation of a spy app step by step.


Installation of a spy app: That’s why mSpy is used in the manual!


For attentive readers this should already be clear. For all others, however, it should be pointed out once again. Already in the Spy app test 2018, MSpy occupied the first place (See here). And not without reason. mSpy is not the cheapest spy app. However, it does offer the best price/performance ratio in the overall view.This is true with regard to the wide range of functions and the comparatively simple operation.

Handys ausspionieren mit mSpy

The perfect surveillance tracking. it stores the whole tracking record.

But whoever deals with the installation of an espionage app will quickly appreciate the advantages of mSpy. After all:

  • mSpy is available for any common platform. Whether Android device or for example Apple iPhone, the installation of a spy app is possible in any case. And with the following instructions anyway.
  • In addition, the mobile phone monitoring software not only provides the ability to record keystrokes and, for example, listen to telephone calls.
  • It also offers extensive features for GPS location,
  • It can read data from popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, and
  • inform the user if the installation should be deleted (Uninstallation Alarm).

Together with the excellent customer service which can also help with the installation of a spy app and the different license packages, MSpy is therefore the best choice for anyone interested!

Setting up mSpy on Android devices-how it works!


In principle, the installation of a spy app with MSpy is very easy. Only a few steps are necessary to create the necessary conditions. First of all, you need a license and access to the software for each device. This requires setting up a user account with the provider.

So beginnt man die Installation einer Spionage App auf Android-Geräten

After the selection, a click on „Continue“ is enough to install mSpy on your smartphone.

First, you create a premium account for the spy app MSpy, which can be paid for with PayPal as well as with a credit card or, for example, by instant transfer. The login data will be sent after the payment confirmation. You log in to the user area of the provider and start the so-called “Setup Wizard”. In the following menu you can choose between the available platforms to obtain the required software. Here you decide for “mobile device” and “Android”.

With a click on “Continue” you can now follow the device setup. However, the smartphone must first be configured correctly, so that the installation of a spy app works at all.


Anyone who has already understood the installation… (Installed in 10 min on each smartphone!)

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Note: The offer at a preferential price is only valid for a short time!


1. Preparing for Android Smarthphones!


Step 1: For the installation of an espionage app, an access is to be purchased for mSpy. Then you activate the option “unknown originin the Securitysettings, afterwards you can use the browser to download the file “a.apk” from the “” page.


Unbekannte Herkunft aktivieren und mSpy installieren

You cannot install a spy app without activating this option.

To install a spy app, you must first adjust the security standard of the respective end device. Otherwise, the operating system Android does not allow software to be installed from unknown sources. To do this, you switch to the settings on the Android smartphone where the submenu “security” can be found.

In the submenu “security” You can find the option “Unknown origin” which must be activated.You can also install apps that you can not find in the store. Then you can leave the settings again and open the installed browser directly. To get the right software for your own device, go to the internet address “”.

If a security query is displayed, the appropriate check is still to be done quickly. Otherwise the download will start automatically. Therefore a dialogue opens, as the file “a. apk” is to be downloaded. In case of doubt, the browser option is the best choice.


2. Installation: How to set up mSpy after downloading!


step 2: After the download, you only have to click on the downloaded file and confirm the following security queriesthe installation of a spy app starts automatically.

After the download is complete, the installation of a spy app can proceed directly. In the window that opens, a short click on the file “a. apk” is enough to start the setup. A dialog will be opened to confirm the granting of access rights. This also shows once again the influence of the spy app on the use of the respective smartphone.

Zugriffsrechte für mSpy gewähren

To complete the installation of an espionage app, you must grant access rights.

The second dialogue, which opens in the following, is even more unpleasant. Once again, Google will point out that the file is a potentially dangerous app.

At the end the installation can finally continue with clicking on “install anyway”.

A few moments later the confirmation appears, that mSpy was successfully installed. Finally, the installation of the spy app on an Android smartphone is completed. The configuration is then carried out.



3. MSpy Configure and complete installation on Android devices!


step 3: Once you have completed the installation of a spy app, you will receive the activation code via the MSPY Web site. This allows the app to be started to grant access rights and to enable the device administrator. Then the facility is complete!

However, before this installation of a spy app can be completed, you still need an activation code. On the main page of mSpy you can now open the third step: “3. Register your device”. Activation code now displays the required combination of numbers.

With this combination of numbers, the final setup of the spy app can be done.

While the Android smartphone still indicates that the installation has been completed successfully, click on “Open” at the bottom of the screen. MSpy will start. Now click on “Continue”.

mSpy Zugriffsrechte erteilen

The access has to be confirmed again so that the installation can be completed!

Various dialogues will follow to quickly and easily complete the installation of a spy app. Here are the most important steps at a glance:

1    First, mSpy must have the necessary access rights to be able to work at all. To do this, you activate all options and internationalize them with “apply”.

2    In case of doubt, you should review the following terms and conditions again. Otherwise, here is a click on “I accept” required.

  1.    3    After that, a “Superuser request” appears (if the smartphone is rooted). To ensure that the dialogue does not appear every time, the option “Always save selection” should be activated and then “Confirm”.4    Finally, you must activate the “Device administrator” by clicking on the button activation.5    And then enter the activation code!

And the installation of a spy app Is completed. On the PC you can now use all the functions of mSpy via the user account. However, it will take a few minutes before all the data is synchronized.



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Install a spy app on the iphone-even without jailbreak!


The instructions for installing a spy app on Android devices are relatively cumbersome at first. In the end, however, it becomes clear that it is relatively simple. Only the many dialogues can sometimes provide a queasy feeling. Nevertheless, it only takes a little time and the mobile phone monitoring of the device concerned is possible without any problems.

Its much easier to install a spy app on an Apple iphone! But also on all other devices that have iOS as operating system. This shows, among other things, the customer-friendliness of mSpy because a jailbreak which has fallen into disrepute in recent years because of the many cases of smuggled malicious software, is not needed for this.The following guide shows how the installation of a spy app works on the iPhone !



  1. Requirements for the installation of an spy app on the iPhone!

Also for the installation of a spy app on the iPhone a few prerequisites must be fulfilled. On the one hand, access to the respective device is required, as has already been described at the outset.

iCloud-Backup für mSpy einrichten

Automatic backups must be enabled to install a spy app on the iphone.

  • You must know the access data of the Apple ID that the smartphone owner has set up when the iPhone was received.
  • On the other hand, a regular iCloud backup must also be preset. This can be controlled or set up in the settings under the menu item “iCloud” and “Backup”.

Once these preparations have been completed, the installation can begin directly.



2.Install mSpy with just a few clicks on the iphone!


When you set up mSpy on your iPhone, you first call up the website to log in to the user area. In the setup wizard, select the menu item “iOS without jailbreak”. Click “Continue” to go to step 3.

Apple ID bei mSpy hinterlegen

After entering the Apple ID, the Installation of the Software is already almost done!

Now you need to enter the Apple ID to use the iPhone. Another click on “Continue” opens another dialog. In this one, simply select the respective device and it already starts to evaluate the received data mSpy.

The processing will take a few moments. You can then access and control all the information on the dashboard. Whether calls or messages, there is full access to all the data that is stored on the iPhone. Message services can even be evaluated in real time. On the other hand, device settings can also be changed via the dashboard. And this kind of iPhone monitoring can be terminated with just a few clicks.

Installation einer Spionage App: mSpy überwacht das iPhone!

After Installation of mSpy all functions are directly availibe in the Dahboard!

All in all, the installation of an espionage app on the iPhone is extremely easy and fast without jailbreak! At least if the access data of the respective Apple ID are known.

MSpy on the iphone briefly summarized: An automatic iCloud backup must be set up to install a spy app on the iPhone. You also need the access data of the respective Apple ID. Then you can enter the login information on the website of MSpy!


Download the Spy app for iphones now… (Installed in 10 min on each smartphone!)

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Note: The offer at a preferential price is only valid for a short time!


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