Password hacking cracking manual! The TOP 5 Methods.

It should be mentioned in advance that there are countless ways and approaches to crack a password. It is also to be distinguished, for which service the password is not tangible, lost or unknown.To ultimately create your own e-mail password by the means of recovery option or password forgotten –This post will not help you to remember our password,

Rather, the 5 best applications for hacking a password are presented in the following.

(If „recovery“ and „forgotten password“ do not help anymore)


The password cracking programs/methods:


1st place: Keylogger keyboard (not recognizable by antivirus software)


Plugging in and ready: recording all keystrokes!

  • For anti-spy software not to exposable because hardware
  • Get started immediately: no installation necessary
  • Built-in memory records for several years
  • Automatically sends to your email (in the Wi-Fi version)


As already described in a previous Report , the keylogger keyboard from is simply plugged into the PC via USB – like a conventional keyboard. The setup is complete. Since this is an ordinary keyboard like any other, it is not possible to expose an anti-spy software – the keyboard is recognized as hardware (no difference to other keyboards). In addition, a keylogger module was installed.

The internal memory records all the keyboard inputs without notice. It does not matter which website you surf, or whether you log in on websites like Facebook, WhatsApp Web, Instagram, etc. or into an e-mail account – How to record which username and password have been entered by keyboard.

The log (contains all entries including passwords) in the form of a text file can be accessed at any time using a key command. In the original setting, this is the combination of the keys K, B and S – which must be pressed at the same time. The combination can be changed and for example made more difficult to select, so that no “mistake“ accidentally opens the contents to be viewed.




Here you can buy the Kelogger keyboards: (Shipping from US and EU)



2nd place: Password hack cracking using spy app


Spy apps are downloaded and installed directly on a smartphone. They are suitable for hacking passwords on mobile phones. Due to the additional features, such as the possibility to find out the exact GPS location of the mobile phone at any time (including route tracking) and the reading of all news services: SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. – it’s also possible to obtain the username and password of the services.

Disadvantage: With Android devices one has to install the access to the smartphone and the app once.

Advantage: For iOS devices/ iPhone, the software can be installed without physical access to the mobile phone from outside.


iphones do not require access to the mobile phone…(Only the access data from the icloud backup must be known!)


Only at us we offer the app at a preferential price


Note: The offer at preferential price is only valid for a short period of time!


For Android smartphones, however, the installation takes only 10 minutes. A step-by-step installation guide for Android and Iphone is here.


Spy App for Android phones…(installed in 10 minutes)

Only at us we offer the app at a preferential price


Note: The offer is only valid for a short time!




3rd place: Password crack with a IMSI catcher


How does a IMSI catcher work?

The International mobile subscriber identity catcher simulates a cellular cell – The device in itself can be purchased on Alibaba or on the Darknet. Each mobile phone connects within an area with a cell of a network operator. All traffic, such as telephone calls, SMS, Internet surfing, etc. is sent via this cell ID to the network provider, further processed and logged.

Now an IMSI catcher or grabber is put into operation, This is how the mobile phones connect to the radius of several hundred meters, because it sends the strongest radio signal. The catcher forwards the requests of the mobile phone itself to the respective network, in order to not be noticed. However, since all traffic is running through it, it can now be recorded and processed unnoticed. This data not only allows you to listen to telephone calls, to read SMS, or internet logins in email, Facebook, etc. – But also spying passwords.

  • In addition to listening to conversations, the IMSI catcher also allows you to record and evaluate all other traffic. Whether passwords, Facebook-News and mailed photos – the attackers can see everything.
  • Furthermore, the respective mobile phone can be identified via the radio signal. With the data, again, motion profiles can be created.

In the video, a hacker shows how easily anyone who uses an IMSI catcher can achieve total monitoring of foreign smartphones!




4th place: Man in the middle attacks: in the immediate vicinity


Wikipedia has the following definition or examples of a man Man in the middle attack:

      1. Hacker is on the same LAN or WLAN as the victim
      2. The hacker has physical access to the data lines.


      1. In the ethernet, the attacker modifies the ARP tables of the victim’s systems and thereby directs the entire data traffic through his system. This method also allows you to listen to traffic on switches, see ARP spoofing. This procedure always works when the attacker and the victim are in the same local network. This is also the case for cable network providers, For example, in public WLAN hotspots.
        –> This ARP spoofing method has been described in detail in an older article (see method 2).


    1. Another attack method of this type is to play an incorrect DHCP server. By specifying an incorrect default gateway address to the Internet, the communication can be routed through the computer of the attacker.
      –> With this similar method we show in the  Facebook account  hacking: How to get the IP address of the victim




5th place: Spy camera to monitor the input of strangers (hack the password)


Cameras installed in everyday objects are no longer imaginable in the present day. You would like to protect yourself at home and defend yourself against attackers. In contrast to ordinary cameras that are used for video surveillance are immediately recognized – cameras of modern times, in the years 2017/2018, offer completely new possibilities.

The resolution offers 1080p Full HD, the battery lasts for months, thanks to modern batteries, motion detection, night vision and control via app (Android and iOS) are all possible.




But what does this have to do with password cracking?


Easy! If you put a spy camera in the vicinity of your own PC, the attacker can look over the shoulder, for example, in the case of a burglary on the computer. It’s possible to find out the password that is typed in on the keyboard through the video recordings.

Not only that! The video recordings are streamed directly to your own smartphone via the included app (the camera should be connected to the WLAN). The recording start via motion detection and all commands can be controlled via the app by radio.

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