Handyüberwachung ohne Zugriff - Schritt für Schritt erklärt

Spy App monitoring without target phone. 100% without installation of an app!

With the mobile phone monitoring without access to the target device you avoid a key issue when using various Spy Apps. Namely, the respective Smartphone long enough unnoticed to operate to be able to install such a spy app and let it run in the background. Another problem that can occur when spying through an App is the detection by an anti-virus software.


For iphones no access to mobile phone needed … (Only the access data from the icloud backup must be known!)

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Of course, current apps like mSpy offer very interesting features. Whether GPS location, logging of chat runs or unnoticed access to microphone and camera – the possibilities seem endless. However, you need a way to install them. The mobile phone monitoring without access is easy and especially possible without the installation of an app! All you need is a Keylogger keyboard.




Keylogger keyboards for mobile phone monitoring without access


With mobile phone monitoring without access to the target device using a keylogger keyboard, you can use the Web interface provided by various services. All text entries, in particular the login data, are entered on the keyboard and can therefore be logged. This is exactly what keylogger keyboards are designed for.

Computer ausspionieren mit Keylogger-Tastatur

Secure Keyboards – totally untraceable!

Whether it’s WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or the last email you sent, you record all the entries exactly with the date and time and save them as a message in your memory. This means that you can store passwords safely and protect them from loss, not just in a convenient and simple way. Just as well, Skype chats, SMS via Viber desktop and Facebook messages can be recorded

Keylogger-keyboards-invisible for anti-virus software

Totally invisible to antivirus software.

In addition, Keylogger keyboards, as mentioned above, offer several advantages: for one, they are not recognizable by for anti-virus programs , but also the respective user can not distinguish them from normal keyboards. On the other hand, you can connect unnoticed and you do not need access to the respective mobile phone. Above all, they are very easy to use and do not require any special computer knowledge. This makes it relatively easy for less technically savvy parents to know about their children’s online activities. But employers also benefit from these spy devices, because they do not have to pay expensive IT services in order to be able to control their employees. But what keylogger keyboards are recommended and how do they work?



Here you can buy the Kelogger keyboards:

https://www.swisskeylogger.com (Shipping from US and EU)




Top 3 Keylogger keyboards to spy on mobile phones


In particular, the following models of Swiss Keylogger are ideal for mobile phone monitoring without access to the target device, as they work very reliably and accurately:

  • Cable Secure Keyboard v10
  • Wireless Secure Keyboard v12
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Secure Keyboard v20

The range of functions varies from keyboard to keyboard. While the V10 is almost classically connected to the respective computer via a cable, the V12 is a wireless keyboard with a USB dongle. The same applies to the V20, which also has a integrated WiFi module . In addition, all models have a built-in memory with at least 16 MB (at V20 it is a whole 2GB), which is sufficient for approximately 8,000 pages of text. Why these three keylogger keyboards, however, are currently the best for mobile phone monitoring without access, has other reasons:

  • All three keylogger keyboards require no installation . They only need to be connected to the respective computer and then start working directly. This makes them not only great for beginners,
  • You also work with any operating system as long as the input is made via the keyboard. Thus, it is completely irrelevant for mobile phone monitoring without access, whether the respective computer has Windows, Mac OS or a Linux system is installed.
  • Moreover, their design is absolutely unobtrusive . There is nothing to suggest that these keyboards have additional functionality. They act like normal keyboards and certainly do not arouse suspicion.

Secure keyboards thus fulfill all the requirements to be able to monitor mobile phones unnoticed, to secure passwords or to log chat histories for example. The operation is relatively simple.



How mobile phone monitoring works with a keylogger keyboard


Thanks to the keylogger keyboards, the mobile phone monitoring without access to the respective smartphone is possible very easily. Each keyboard has an additional PCB that ensures that any keyboard input is stored or logged in a text file. If the respective computer user logs in to a service, such as WhatsApp Web, Viber Desktop, Facebook, Skype oder Instagram , the keyboard will not only save the characters you entered for the login. Also all other entries-texts, chats, short messages, smileys, etc.-are recorded. To view this data, a simple key combination is later enough. This will detect the Keylogger keyboard as a drive and you can open the text file with just a few clicks. This way you can save the individual entries and easily evaluate them.

Wireless WiFi-Secure Keyboard v20

Absolutely unobtrusive wireless WiFi-Secure keyboard V20

The wireless Wi-Fi secure keyboard V20 makes the call even easier: thanks to the integrated WiFi module in the USB dongle, this keylogger keyboard sends the logs via e-mail to a previously set email address. Alternatively, you can create a direct WiFi connection to the keyboard and retrieve the text file. This way you don’t even need more direct access to the keyboard and will be immediately informed of new entries at any time.



Mobile phone monitoring without access: These data capture keylogger keyboards


The data that can be spied out using a keylogger keyboard is quite extensive. After all, all keystrokes are recorded completely:

data from WhatsApp web

With WhatsApp web you can spy on a comparatively little . At least no login data can be backed up, because the respective smartphone needs to be used. However, all messages sent can be recorded and saved.

Viber Desktop Spying

For the Viber Desktop it looks a little different from possible login data to all messages and chat entries -whether public or private-can be saved as long as it has been entered on the keyboard. This also applies to entries in Skype. This monitoring is also interesting for companies without the installation of an app: You can, for example, use the secure keyboard v20 to send a log of all customer contacts by e-mail at regular intervals.

Monitoring Facbook Usage
Facebook spy on keylogger keyboards

Spy Facebook – Keylogger keyboards capture all input…



The data that can be saved when using Facebook is just as extensive. Whether login, comment or new post – all text entries are later available in a file format or you can easily receive them by e-mail. In this way, parents can always make sure that their children share and see only content on the Internet that is appropriate for their age and that they are not in danger.

The same additional plus of security, keylogger keyboards also promise for using Instagram. However, since contributions and comments are more frequent due to their brevity, it is advisable to use the secure keyboard v20 with WiFi module. Along with a short interval for email delivery, you can be more informed.



Top cell phone monitoring without access


The previous summary shows that keylogger keyboards have a high potential for mobile phone monitoring without access to the respective target device. The main advantage is that they cannot be noticed by popular anti-virus softwares. But also the installation is extremely simple and straightforward. Finally, they capture a large amount of data, which saves passwords and chat histories, but also user activity However, Keylogger keyboards are not the only way to spy on phones.



So you can display the smartphone display on your PC


Although this method is not suitable for cell phone monitoring without access, data can be read very quickly and easily on Android smartphones with it. In addition, mobile phones with defective display can also be used and, for example, secured. And it does not require the installation of an app on the specific target device. The device is complete quickly, only a PC is needed to connect the phone later. Otherwise, only two steps are required:

Android Control - Mobile phone monitoring in a few minutes

Spying on cell phones – instantaneously fast with Android Control…

  1.  On the respective smartphone the function “ USB-Debugging ” must be activated in the settings under the menu item “Developer Options”. If the developer options are not available, the “build number” point must be typed several times at the end of the settings overview until they are unlocked.  
  2. The software Android control ”  has to be downloaded and installed.

If you then connect the respective mobile phone to the PC and start Android control, you get full access to all functions. This allows you to use almost all apps, easily create screenshots and save all desired data. However, anyone who already has access to the target device can also benefit from the significantly more extensive functions of the spying app mSpy.



mSpy – The best spy app for mobile phone surveillance



Anyone who wants to download the MSpy app… (Installed in 10 min on each smartphone!)

only from us we offer the app at preferential price!
Note: The offer at preferential price is only valid for a short period of time!



Top monitoring with mSpy!

The online-panel of the test winner-mSpy leaves nothing to be desired!

As the test of the 5 best spy apps clearly shows, MSpy is currently the best available spy app to spy on a mobile phone. MSpy not only offers a favorable price/performance ratio and a monthly subscription, the range of functions is  huge and the software is available for almost any operating system. So not only for mobile phones, but also for computers. The mobile phone monitoring can be easily and comfortably controlled at any time and from any location via a web interface. Even customer service is at top!



Mobile phone monitoring with mSpy mobile


The version of mSpy for mobile devices offers all the functions that are now possible in the context of mobile phone monitoring. After installation, the app works only in the background and logs all activities. To use all the functions, you only have to log in via the Web interface. Then a clear panel is available. The features at a glance:

Mobile phones spying with mSpy

Perfect cell phone monitoring: MSpy even records all locations…

  • All incoming and outgoing calls can be logged . Similarly, individual numbers can be blocked.
  • All sent, but also received text messages can be viewed.
  • mSpy also monitors all e-mails and stores their contents.
  • In addition, the GPS location of the respective mobile phone can be spied at any time and
  • All Internet activities are recorded.
  • Finally, full access to include all messaging services and social media apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram & Co.
  • And the target device can be completely remotely controlled ( remote control ).

The big disadvantage of MSpy mobile is the problem of access in order to be able to install the app at all. The installation itself is very easy-otherwise the customer support will be happy to help you around the clock. Also, of course, if you have problems installing the desktop version!



Computer Spying with mSpy desktop

mSpy for desktop computer provides a similar functionality that is designed to monitor user activity. Although a few features of the mobile version are missing, these are replaced by other interesting features. They include:

Computer monitoring Functions mSpy

mSpy – also ideal for monitoring computers…

  • The creation of screenshots at regular intervals to better monitor user activities.
  • A keylogger function, similar to the keylogger keyboards, works only on the basis of a software, and captures all input.
  • As well as the logging of all user activities,
  • The list of all Programs used or installed and
  • The backup of all e-mail histories , including those from Web applications that are launched in a browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

mSpy Desktop is available for all Windows versions as well as for the Apple operating system Mac OS. However, not only does it have the disadvantage of requiring access to the target device at least once. There is also the possibility that the software is detected and deactivated by anti-virus programs. However, you can retrieve the respective logs online at any time and receive them not only via e-mail like it is the case with the secure keyboard V20.




Cellphone monitoring without access to the device and spying on computers – Conclusion 


As it turns out, keylogger keyboards are ideal for mobile phone monitoring without access like the wireless Wi-Fi secure keyboard V20. All entries in the Web interfaces are logged. So you can easily monitor chat processes under WhatsApp, Facebook or vibe desktop and Skype as well as Instagram. Above all, the keylogger keyboards have two advantages:

Benefits of Keylogger Keyboards

Keyboards with integrated keylogger have different advantages over normal spy apps.

  • They are not recognized by any antivirus software that is available and
  • They deliver, possibly even automatically by e-mail, complete history logs and even the respective login data. This not only allows you to spy on mobile phones, but also to easily create backups.

Anyone who has access to the target device at least for a short time can access even more comprehensive functions, such as the location via GPS . spy apps such as mSpy are excellent, even if they can be detected as malware, albeit very rarely. In addition, the use of ongoing costs and the increasing traffic due to the constant sending of data can cause the mobile phone monitoring to fly. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about mobile phone monitoring without access using a Keylogger keyboard: The current models of Swiss Keylogger are absolutely unobtrusive – even in their design.

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